Monday, November 28, 2011

Yet another from the set, Go Spartans!

Thanks for all the comments on the last piece. By the way I was completely unaware
that HellBoy met his end in the comic :( but was excited to hear he'd be living on in
the new series HellBoy in Hell, with Mignola returning as full time artist :)!!!


Tom Giles said...

I could look at these all day. Awesome!

dsx@Q.switch said...

i am new to your blog, i cant express wat i found. hehe...your work is simply my cup of tea, since i dont wanna flood all your post, this will be the one major post for me. a fan of character design.

Dela Longfish said...

Thanks guys, super appreciate it!!!
Hopefully I'll get a few more pieces up over the holidays :)