Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This character is a member of a group of barnstormers know as the Knuckle Heads. The story takes place at the height of barnstorming before the creation of the FAA. This character would hang from the bottom of planes that had lost their wheels due to shaky landings or close calls. I imagined these guys as using self made outfits, hence the old style football helmet for protection. I think this piece starts to work because the wheels on his chest are a visual story telling element while at the same time creating a silhouette that breaks up the normal silhouette of the body.


cameron said...

yo brotha! heard about the minor setback..dont worry..one door closes another opens just as quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dela, nice blog. Sorry to hear about Sony. I think Cameron has it right. I just started a blog at the beginning of the year I'll link you up, if you'll do the same.

espiritu123 said...

yo dela stuff's lookin hot. Great draftsmanship skills in action as always. If you would like one I'll give you a crit next time we meet since i saved all your images on my computer. see you soon! -karl

Archibob said...

Casa de Longfish... at last! I'll be keepin an eye on this here page for sure man. you take care, and keep in touch


Bruce Glidewell said...

Beautiful drawings Dela,
can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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thanks either way.

Anonymous said...

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