Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Tin Man from the wonderful world of OZ. This came out of just talking with some friends about stories that had great characters and imaginative environments.

When I was thinking about this character I imagined him having an older hand crafted feel, so I wanted to stay away from an assembly line or sci-fi look. I thought the creator of the Tin Man would have spent a good part of his life working on him and putting a lot of love into the design.

I'm a real sucker for visual story telling, so I try to tell a characters story in their design. I think this really helps tie any character specifically to the story they belong to. For the Tin Man I tried to do this using a heart motif. His breastplate is a giant heart as well as reverse design on his fingers, and even a touch in his face. We're told he doesn't have a heart, but I wanted to show that, so I tried to make his body so we could actually look into it and say "hey man you don't have a heart in there." Eventually I want to have blue and green oxidized rust stains falling down his body, contrasting with his original hand crafted polished design.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here is some work in progress on the Jenny Green Teeth character I'm hoping eventually to make. I don't think this is close to working, even though there are some aspects I like. I'm going to play around with this design a little see where it ends up. Again, any thoughts are welcome.